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1. 到达时间;


3. 餐桌礼仪。


1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 


Dear Terry,

How are you doing? In your last letter, you asked me about being a guest to a Chinese friend’s home. Now, I am writing to inform you of some relevant details.

To begin with, according to our tradition, you are supposed to arrive early, so that you can help the family prepare the dinner, which is meaningful and interesting. Besides, you’d better bring some gifts, like a book or a Chinese knot. What’s more, when you are enjoying the meal, you need to avoid making noises while chewing food.

Hopefully, these suggestions would be helpful for you. I have the confidence that you will have a great time.

Best wishes!






你受学生会委托为校宣传栏"英语天地"写一则通知,请大家观看一部英语短片Growing Together,内容包括:

1. 短片内容:学校的发展;

2. 放映时间、地点;

3. 欢迎对短片提出意见。


1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。



In order to have a better understanding of our school, an outstanding English short movie about our school will be shown in the library from 2:30 to 4:00in the afternoon on June 9th. It is organized by the Student Union.Here are some relevant details about it.

To begin with, the name of the movie is Growing Together, which is about the development of our beloved school.As we all expect, it will be not only eaningful but also interesting. What’s more, everyone of you will be welcome to take part (participate) in it, enjoying the movie, having a heated discussion afterwards and giving your own comments.

The Student Union

June 8, 2018




假定你是李华,你的英国朋友Peter 来信询问你校学生体育运动情况。请给他回信,内容包括:

1. 学校的体育场馆;

2. 主要的运动项目;

3. 你喜欢的项目。


1. 词数100左右:

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。


Dear Peter,

I am exceedingly delighted to hear from you. You asked me in your last letter about the physical exercise in our school and the following information may give you a rough sketch.

To begin with, a fabulous new stadium has been built up, which has become the new landmark in our school. Moreover, with the stadium set up, a wide range of sports events are able to be held, of which ping-pong, football as well as running competitions enjoy great popularity. As for me, I’m intoxicated with basketball since it has been giving me strength to confront the challenges in my life.

All in all, I sincerely invite you to come to our school and see for yourself.


Li Hua



第一节 (15分)


1. 表示欢迎;

2. 推荐他上哪所大学;

3. 建议他做哪些准备工作。


1. 词数不少于50;

2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Jim,


Li Hua


Dear Jim,

I’m so glad to hear your future education plan in Beijing in your last letter. First I would like to express my warmest welcome to you and I am sure you will have the most unforgettable experience during your college in Beijing.

Learning your keen interest in Chinese culture, I suggest you apply for Peking University, one of the best universities in China. Its Chinese Literature major is perfect for you where you can be completely soaked in Chinese profound history and rich culture. As for preparation, some reading in advance in needed like The Story of the Stone while some online courses of spoken Chinese can be helpful for you to adapt into the Chinese language environment.

I sincerely hope your dream will come true and it’s my pleasure to show you around in Beijing when that day comes. If you have further questions, please feel free to let me know.


Li Hua

第二节 (20分)




Last week, we took the foreign students in our school to experience the authentic tea culture, which turned out be to extremely rewarding.

On arriving at the tea house, the foreign students were impressed by the unique tea pots and tea cups. I gave them a vivid and informative introduction of tea culture, including its profound history, its rich variety, and the exquisite craftsmanship of making tea with their interest greatly sparked, I then began to teach them how to make tea.

In order to deliver a clear presentation, I slowly explained the traditional procedure of making tea in detail. Absorbed in every move of mine, the foreign students were once again amazed by this unique culture and they couldn’t help taking pictures from time to time.

Next came the moment when I asked them to have a try themselves. Washing the tea pots, adding tea leaves, and pouring water into the cups, they followed my instructions and were really immersed in charming tea culture. The tea house witnessed a really enjoyable time for all of us.

At the end of the activity, holding the tea bags in our hands, we took a picture to memorize the unforgettable day. It suddenly hit me that traditional culture like tea culture was of great charm and huge value. And I swelled with pride to spread our own culture to people all over the world.












世界青少年机器人技能竞赛 the World Adolescent Robotics Competition

Dear Chris,

I have good news to tell you.


I’m looking forward to your reply.


Li Jin


请阅读下面文字,并按照要求用英语写一篇150 词左右的文章。

Li Jiang 6 July, Sunny

Our family will go on a trip next month and need a suitcase. Two days ago, Mom asked me to find relevant information on the internet. But the information I got was rich and varied, or even contradictory. Confused, I simply based my decision on the ratings. Within five minutes, we ordered the one we were satisfied with. This afternoon, Mom received the case and told me she liked it very much.

Su Hua 6 July, Sunny

This morning, our family went out, hanging round in the downtown area. We found a rating of the Top Ten Restaurants, and went into one of them. We spent quite a lot of money, but were not happy. Mom complained a lot, and said that despite its high ratings, the food was not to our taste. I was puzzled. Should I believe in these ratings, or should I not?











Possible version one:

As a major channel of consumption information, the rating is an efficient source of information for shopping in our own consumption. Interestingly, the same rating may have different influences on different consumers.

I tend to consult consumption ratings whatever I purchase. Firstly, the higher rating means the higher quality of the product, or better service. Based on the ratings, I bought my beloved backpack, saw interesting films and tasted delicious foods. Secondly, ratings can save time to make decisions in shopping. For example, there are huge amounts of reference books which I am often confused to choose from. In that case, it is both convenient and economical to buy books according to the ratings.

There is no doubt that it is unwise to depend completely on the ratings in consumption. The advantages and disadvantages of ratings are often closely related. It is necessary to hold an objective attitude towards ratings.

Possible version two:

Nowadays, most commodities or services are rated through certain channels. These ratings, easy to access, are playing an increasingly important role in customers’ purchase decision. However, results are sometimes unsatisfactory.

There is no denying that such ratings might bring convenience to consumers, but they are often misleading and unreliable. As we all know, most of the ratings are based on others’ judgment on the product or service concerned. Every judgment comes from a specific need or a unique psychological state. Apparently, blindly following others’ advice will affect our own judgment. Another fact should not be neglected that some of the ratings are the outcome of a careful manipulation of companies or sellers. It has become a common practice for some to pay for good ratings on their products or services so as to increase their sales.

Therefore, we should give a second thought to these ratings whenever we go shopping.


第一节 应用文写作(满分15分)


1. 口语能力:

2. 相关经验;

3. 应聘目的。


1. 词数80左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

第二节 读后续写(满分25分)


It was summer, and my dadwanted to treat me to a vacation like never before. He decided to take me on a trip to the Wild West.

We took a plane to Albuquerque, a big city in the state of New Mexico. We reached Albuquerque in the late afternoon. Uncle Paul, my dad’s friend, picked us up from the airport and drove us up to his farm in Pecos.

His wife Tina cooked us a delicious dinner and we got to know his sons Ryan and Kyle. My dad and I spent the night in the guestroom of the farm houselistening to the frogs and water rolling down the rivernearby. Very early in the morning, Uncle Paul woke us up to have breakfast. "The day starts at dawn on my farm," he said. After breakfast, I went to help Aunt Tina feedthe chickens, while my dad went with Uncle Paul to take the sheepout to graze(吃草). I was impressed to see my dad and Uncle Paul riding horses. They looked really cool.

In the afternoon, I asked Uncle Paul if I could take a horse ride, and he said yes, as long as my dad went with me. I wasn’t going to take a horse ride by myself anyway. So, my dad and I put on our new cowboy hats, got on our horses, and headed slowly towards the mountains. "Don’t be latefor supper," Uncle Paul cried, "and keep to the trackso that you don’t get lost!" "OK! " my dad cried back. After a while Uncle Paul and his farm house were out of sight. It was so peaceful and quiet and the colors of the brown rocks, the deep green pine trees, and the late afternoon sun mixed to create a magic scene. It looked like a beautiful woven(编织的)blanket spread out upon the ground just for us.


1. 所续写短文的词数应为l50左右;

2. 至少使用5个短文中标有下划线的关键词语;

3. 续写部分分为两段,每段的开头语已为你写好;

4. 续写完成后,请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。




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